Questions? Here you are!

What is "Second Front"?

Second Front is a turn-based strategic WW2 PCwargame on 3D hex grid maps. It’s got accessible buildings and hills with up to 4 levels, different kinds of terrain, hedges and brick walls to give you cover, more than 200 different vehicles and so much more for you to explore!

Where and when can I get it?

Release Date was January 31, 2023! The game ist now available on  Steam!

How many troops fit in one hex?

1 Vehicle, 2 Leaders and 3 Squads (a Squad is represented by 4 soldiers).

Will it have Multiplayer?

While a turn based game is generally well suited to multiplayer, it is essential that we are sure that all the game mechanics work well in a single player atmosphere before adding a multiplayer option. 

Are there Campaigns or just Scenarios?

There will be different scenarios, and of course campaigns for a long, long fight! We will add more campaigns and scenarios gradually, and hopefully users will also share their work with us and between themselves. Second Front will (at least at first) focus on the Eastern and Western Fronts in Europe.

What is the scale?

A hex is about 25 yards / 23 meters.

Will there be a Scenario Editor?

Yes, there is a Map Editor and a Scenario Editor!