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January 31, 2023

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To be announced

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Second Front offers a unique and infinitely replayable WW2 wargaming experience. It shows turn based actions of single officers and groups of soldiers manning weapons like MGs or flamethrowers. Players maneuver tanks and other historical vehicles on dynamic battlefields.

Game Features

  • Turnbased strategic WW2 wargame on 3D hexgrid maps with accessible buildings and hills with up to 4 levels, hedges and brick walls to give you cover.
  • About 200 lovingly designed tanks, halftracks, trucks, guns, small weapons, flamethrowers, smoke dispensers … all in 3D and also with an info card for better handling.
  • Highlighted LOS
  • Turn turrets, chose between different turret guns and MGs on your tanks, pick up or drop MGs, throw smoke grenades, transport soldiers in trucks and halftracks.
  • AI with surprising clever and unpredictable actions – beware!

Videos & Pictures

Download Images as zip (21,2 mb)

Download Logos as zip (153 kb)


About HexDraw

HexDraw was founded by Jo Bader, a long time wargamer and programmer. Jo combines his skills to create strategic games based on hexgrids.

HexDraw is based in Austria.

The first product was the name giving software HexDraw, a computer game development software with a focus on hexgrid wargames.

The second products is the PC & Mac game “Tank on Tank Digital”, a well-known Lock’n’Load board game transferred into a 2D computer game, with 38 different scenarios in two modules and some longer campaigns. “Tank on Tank Digital” is available on Steam after passing Green Light since May 2017.

About Second Front

After extensive planning and a lot of brainstorming we seriously started working full time on „Second Front“ in April 2018.
We launched our Steam Page in March 2020, and we are proud that MicroProse is our publisher since May 2020.

We are excited about our release on January 31, 2023! But even after that we will not stop the development but constantly improve and supplement.

The Team

There’s Jo, in charge of everything … he is the programmer and works on the AI.

Our great graphics are made by Renan Longatti.

Videos & pictures are edited by Rosy, who also makes sure that Jo works exclusively on Second Front and has no private live anymore.

Tim works on historical research.

And a few more helping hands & brains & Playtesters, which we appreciate very much!

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The content on this page is free to use in commercial use for any media outlet that wishes to report on Second Front and HexDrew.